Campus Management System

Campus Management System

Author : Sandhya

Campus Management system to embed core integrations into back end operation for the Campus / Institution / School Management:

Our Campus Management System software programming centralizes and computerizes day to day campus and various department operations in educational instructions by organizing all the divisions working. Our software has unique features which includes Admissions management,content and curriculum, placement and student development program,Alumni management,Academics,learning and development,sales and marketing,outcome based education,partner/institution management,CRM operations, Admissions management,Academics,Accounts and finance,inventory and asset management, human resource management,hostel management,transport management, E-commerce solutions and research and development.With these features our system enables the organizations to develop better administration procedures to the proficiency oversee,organise and administer all the departments and general exercises in the establishment.

WHY CHOOSE Readyems?

Readyems is a keen and collaborative software solution for easy execution, adaptability and scalability which minimizes operational and communication costs.

Web Based Online Solution:

Continuous information available for easy accessible of anyplace with a wide scope of devices.

Multiple departments /Course Support in colleges:

Intended for overseeing multi-school / colleges and multi-course in a single server instance.

Easy to use Interface and Navigation:  

User-friendly, simplified and automated computerized interface facilitating ease of use for work flow navigation and coordination within a team.

Consistent Integration:

Integrates effectively with hardware devices  (Biometric, RFID and more) and other/existing software programmings .

Backing for support Quality data information:

Adherence of gathering all rules and regulations of college and its terms within a period.  

Readyems Benefits:

We are resolved and determined to convey and deliver customized made solutions for the intuitions.

Solutions in time:  

Solutions in time with managing all the campus automation process in regards to its process of admissions, course time, academic, administrative, financial and more. 

Modularized and Hassle-Free Software:

Fast and simple establishment according to client preferences in a timely manner.

High Security Assurance:

Security at numerous levels (Role based, and Code based – module, structure and database) with database automation backup on specific hourly / daily basis.

24x7 help desk:

Round the clock customer care support for calls,messages and emails.

Information Platform:

Guarantees effective departmental management administration and supports proficient decision making.

Customized Reports:

Dynamic Dashboard access to focus on reports generation facility for all the departments within an institution.


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