Custom Enterprise Resource Planning

KRV introduces a unique, state of the art, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform in the domain of Learning Management System. This complete suite provides enormous analysis for small to medium range of organizations to assist and strategize your business development.

Our ERP features

Our ERP system has all the characteristics of the modules mentioned below :

  • Call Center and Customer Support
  • Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • HR & Personal Management
  • Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Revenue and Expenditure Management
  • MIS with advanced reporting
  • Admin

Benefits of our ERP

  • The ERP solution allows to integrate all the departments viz Sales, CRM, Accounts, Stores (Inventory), HR, IT and Marketing.
  • The proposed solution eliminates the gap between Sales and CRM department from lead to student activation.
  • The Proposed solution allows BDM to maintain lead and contacts status.
  • It eliminates duplication of user registrations
  • It allows Top Level Management to receive alerts of the conversions from lead to contacts and contacts to registrations.
  • It allows receiving the summary of daily business by BDM, Center and region.
  • It allows accounts team to get actual financial information from the DB at any point of time.
  • The proposed solution allows stores department to get Stock status and on-hand balances
  • It gives the material dispatch status to the students
  • It allows stores, the tracking of quantities and costs by product
  • It allows HR department to maintain online appraisal system
  • This system enables easy recruitment process with automated system selection and recruitment process.
  • This system allows maintaining internal travelling and logistics, online.
  • The proposed system allows to allocate the budget and track the utilization of budget